Our mission is to connect individuals and community groups in the Bondi and surrounding areas to explore ways to work together to create a livable, safe, healthy, sustainable and resilient local community and economy, capable of dealing effectively with future energy and climate challenges.

Beginning with its first meeting gathering of interested citizens and groups on 17th March 2010, we have shared visions of the area and begun to discuss ways and means of moving forward. New people have joined in subsequent meetings and the discussion is evolving positively. As the group continues to explore challenges and opportunities the hope and intention is that projects will be proposed and attract support that will take the community in the direction of the shared visions.

This web space is another way of continuing and expanding the dialogue and inviting others to join in. We invite you to join us both here and in our local meetings. The more people we have pooling their ideas, imagination and effort the further and faster we can move ahead towards a resilient future.


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